Late Night Cocoa Episode 20 Has Been Recorded

Episode 20 has been recorded and is now in post production for release at the end of the Late Night Cocoa summer break, probably around the 15th September.

In the episode we cover Distributed Objects.

"Distributed Objects provide a way to communicate between threads, processes and hosts.
We'll cover each of those three cases and familiarize you with the APIs,
the Objective-C language support, as well as the various pitfalls to
look out for when using DO."

Whats Going On!

As you are well aware Late Night Cocoa has gone very quiet for the last couple of months. This has happened for a whole host of reasons but the current one is I am struggling to find guests with time to prepare or record an episode. I am currently talking to about 7 potential people but I guess it shouldn't surprise me that talented people are busy.

So in order to allow guests time to prepare and to find recording time I have decided to put Late Night Cocoa on a summer vacation. During this time I will do my best to produce a show schedule for the rest of the year so that you (and I) can know what's happening and guests can have dates to work to.

If you currently have a paypal subscription with Late Night Cocoa you may wish to cancel it until we start again (or for good). If anyone who has a paypal subscription would like me to return any of the money already donated because you feel the break in the show has been to long please contact me and I will be more than happy to refund you.

Also if you would like to be a guest on the show send me an email at scotty at latenightcocoa dot com.

Thanks everyone for your patience

Late Night Cocoa

Trouble at Mill causes delay

I come before you with my tail between my legs in complete humility looking for patience from the Late Night Cocoa audience.

On Monday morning the HD on my MacBook Pro crashed. Here I am now Tuesday evening and the only three things I have not been able to recover are

1. My Photos from my vacation to New York for my wifes 40th birthday last weekend
2. The last 3 months of backups from my accounts package
3. The latest Textmate edition of Late Night Cocoa (You knew it was coming).

This episode seems to have been really destined to be trouble what with all Robs problems with his apartment building catching fire before the recording and now this.

So why weren't these things backed up.

The photos because I had only just downloaded them from the camera (with the delete from camera option checked). The accounts because I had set it up wrong and the LNC episode , well I don't know, every other episode is there I just can find this one anywhere. I guess I need to move to a disk cloning system like superduper to try and avoid this.

I am trying to get another episode recorded but once again feel a bit stupid. The last few months have not gone well with problem after problem delaying things and I have to say I am beginning to loose heart.

So please don't shout at me I am trying my best and realize that I have become very unreliable. I will look to put procedures in place to try and avoid some of these problems in the future.


P.S If you have the slightest interest in following my restore wows then I will be posting that story on my personal blog at

Episode 18 has been recorded and is on its way

Just wanted to let you know that episode 18 is on its way. I have literally just finished recording a fantastic interview with Andy Finnell on Core Image Filters Plug-Ins.

Its going to take a few days to edit as its pretty long but I'll get it posted on the feed as soon as I can.

An Apology

An explanation and apology for the lateness of Episode 18


Episode 014 Re-Released.

The audio on Episode 014 wasn't as great. Some people had complained my voice was to quiet, not something I get told very often :-) So I have relevelled it and posted it again.

I don't want to put it out as another episode on the feed as that will annoy people who didnt have problems. So if you struggled with episode 14 please re-download it.

Late Night Cocoa

Looking For Sponsors

I want to thank Porchlight and Clickable Bliss for their sponsorship of recent episodes of Late Night Cocoa.
They have been good sponsors and its been great having them on-board.

Our deal with both companies ends very soon and this means we are looking for new sponsors, so if you fancy supporting Late Night Cocoa by sponsoring an espisode or two then please get in touch

Looking to Purchase an Application

Hi Fellow Developers

As someone who understands how demanding bringing a release 1.0 product to market is I have decided to give myself a jump start by looking to purchase the source code and rights to an existing (or almost existing) OS X product.

Maybe you’re a desperate shareware developer looking to get away from a particular product or you have that second product your unable to maintain now your first is so successful or there's that product you have almost finished thats just sitting on the back burner and you never seem to quite get round to.

I’m happy to pay hard cash for it or negotiate a revenue based deal or a combination of the two. (I'll consider any other basis as well if you want to explain it to me).

Send me a private email on "steve at streambyte dot com" detailing the terms of your offer (not legally binding), and I will let you know if I’m interested. If the products not yet finished or released please be realistic about its current position. Please make sure you describe the architecture of the product i.e Cocoa , Carbon , ObjC, Java etc.

I promise not to divulge any specific details to the public about your offer.

Please feel free to discuss the merits of this approach to getting a product out on this site but don't post your offers here , use the private email address "steve at streambyte dot com"

So just in case you havent worked it out yet send offers to "steve at streambyte dot com"

Steve Scott (Scotty)

Announcing the details of Episode 12 due for release 5th April 2007

In Episode 12 we will discuss the details of Aperture's new plugin SDK with Fraser Speirs of Connected Flow. The Aperture SDK allows developers to enhance Aperture's export capabilities to connect with online services and other applications. Connected Flow was a launch partner

MP3 Version now in iTunes Store

The MP3 Version of of Late Night Cocoa in now available in the iTunes store here

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