Late Night Cocoa (014) : Search Kit with Steve Harris

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In Espisode 14 we examine how to use Search Kit with Steve Harris



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Great podcast Scotty and Steve. I think adding solid search capabilities to applications is a great way to add polish to an application and often gets overlooked. Also, I love that Steve included source code. That is a great way to round out the overall experience.

Audio levels

Hi Scotty,

I just saw the latest episode (SearchKit) appear in my iTunes podcasts window, but when it plays, I've noticed that your levels are extremely low (I can hardly hear you), and the gain on the music is way up. I've only listened to first couple of minutes, but I have no idea what you're saying. Just wanted to let you know, in case this was a mistake.
But, regardless, thank you for your work on LNC so far. I'm very grateful for your work on it!

- Jason

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