Support Late Night Cocoa By Making a Small Monthly Donation

You can now support Late Night Cocoa by making a small monthly donation in the form of a paypal subscription. Becuase we need to track subscriptions you will need a Late Night Cocoa account but that only takes a few seconds to set up. You can cancel your donation at any time.

Set Up a Monthly Donation

Why Donate?
Good Question. The podcast takes quite a long time to produce , also there are plans for a whole series of screencasts. Donations will allow me to take some time out each week and produce this content at the quality I think it deserves and you want.


Adds pay for ban with

Try "mac os ken" his banwith is "subsides" by adds att the middel of podcast ? ..
and end of podcast
I am not Ken Ray


Max OS Ken is a great podcast, I am examining the possiblity of a small add section but dont want the show to become to disjointed. Anyway thanks for the suggestion.

Late Night Cocoa

Subscribers and the screencast

Just wondering if you are planning to make the screencast section available to subscribers only? Also, you had setup a monthly "donation"/subscription, do you have a plan of making it a yearly subscriptions as well? Maybe some discounts for students and such... :)

[email protected]


The current plan is to keep everything free and let subscriptions be voluntary out of a community spirit. If that does work then I will have to re-think about possbly making some content subscription only in order to finance everything.... I'm not looking to get rich here just cover my costs.

Late Night Cocoa

Subscription Problem

When I click on any of the "subscribe" links, I get an error page saying, "Access denied. You are not authorized to access this page."

Sorry About This

Sorry about this , I think it is now fixed.
Late Night Cocoa

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