Late Night Cocoa (010) : Memory Management with Uli Kusterer

Episode 10: Uli Kusterer explains memory, and talks about pointers, memory ownership, how Cocoa makes memory management easier, and how to detect and debug memory smashers and other hard-to-track-down memory issues.



Guest Link
Uli Web Site

Enabling the Malloc Debugging Features

Finding Memory Leaks

Debugging memory on OS X

How Memory Management Works

Intro to C Pointers and Dynamic Memory

Everything you need to know about pointers in C

Memory Management Rules

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Fantastic Episode

I've been enjoying the podcast from the beginning, this episode was particularly enlightening. Thanks Scotty and Uli!

Great Show!

This is another great show. Uli does a great job explaining things and Scotty does a great job organizing all the information. Thanks!

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