Late Night Cocoa (009) : NSResponder with Aaron Hillegass

Episode 9: "There are some simple ideas that lead to much of the elegance of Cocoa. NSResponder and the responder chain is one of these. NSResponder deals with handling events, nil-targeted actions, and reporting errors. We will discuss this mechanism with Aaron Hillegass of Big Nerd Ranch .



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Big Nerd Ranch
Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X


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MOKit in Tiger...

I actually can't remember whether the released version was ever updated,but the top of the tree in MOKit's cvs repository should work fine on Tiger. I have not had any time to do any work on or releases of MOKit, but I know I have used it and specifically the view controller stuff on Tiger a lot.

It seems to me that

It seems to me that NSResolver should be a protocol. This would resolve the issues Aaron mentions about NSDocument, NSDocumentController and NSController not being subclasses of NSResolver. It would also be less likely to break things than changing class hierarchies.

Great episode

I listened to this episode while driving two days ago, and I must say that this was one of the best episodes to date. Aaron Hillegass does a wonderful job explaining NSResponder, and other things related to it. I can definitly see that he manages to make a living from teaching Cocoa to others, and the Cocoa courses on Big nerd ranch seems totally awesome.

Since listening to this (but I'm sure I've read it somewhere else as well) I just have one problem... Do I wait for the third edition of Cocoa programming for Mac OS X, or do I buy the second edition now and the third edition when it comes out?

Great episode

Thanks for the great episode, and I'm glad to head you finally have a sponsor to the show :). Keep up the good work.

Oded S.

Oh, and NSWindowController

I just listened to the Podcast: I forgot to mention that the NSWindowController gets a chance to handle the nil-targeted action. You might have guessed this from the fact that the nextResponder of the window is the window controller (if it has one), but I should have been explicit.

I'm sorry if I created any confusion.

- Aaron

great interview

Good job getting Aaron in the interview chair. Your podcast is in-depth and very helpful.

Great episode

NSResponder isn't necessarily the most sexy of subjects, but you and Aaron did a great job and made a really useful episode. I met Aaron a few months back (I can prove it, too: here's a photo) and he's a really friendly and interesting guy.

MOKit in Tiger...

Downloaded MOKit only to realize that it doesn't work in OS X Tiger... Anybody else having this issue (and maybe a fix)?

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