New MP3 Feed Now Available

After the recent poll about 23% of people felt an MP3 Feed woud be good so here it is.
Individual epsiodes are now also playable/downloadable as MP3.

The MP3 version of the podcast will be available in iTunes once the iTunes store has appoved the feed.

Because of a monthly limited on disk space at my bandwidth provider the back catalogue of shows (including the current episode) has been uploaded at a lower quality bit rate in order to make it all available , All future shows will be uploaded at the same bit rate as the Enhanced AAC version.


Missing #7 in mp3 feed

I don't seem to see #7 (dcj) in the mp3 feed.

Your Right

I will get it into the feed as soon as I can
Late Night Cocoa

Surely somebody out there can donate?

Surely somebody out there can donate some space + bandwidth to host files?

Disk Space

Hi John

The deal I am on with my current host is fine. Becuase of the way I set up the initial LNC feed its not possible for me to host the new MP3 feed on the same hosting account with breaking the iTunes feed which I dont want to do. (my fault not the host)

So I set a up another account to host the MP3 feed. Each month I get allocated an extra amount of disk space on my allowance and get unlimited bandwidth. Its only because I am uploading 8 episodes at the same time it is a problem, I could upgrade the account to get a higher monthly disk allowance but as under normal circumstances the amount is fine it didint seem worth it even though it is only a few $ a month.

Dont forget the MP3 feed is only a supplementary feed for those who cant use AAC so I dont expect huge numbers of downloads.

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