Late Night Cocoa (007) : Creating Scriptable Applications with Daniel Jalkut

In Episode 7 we look at Cocoa's scripting support, and how developers can leverage it to provide scriptable interfaces to their application's model with guest Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software



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Red Sweater Software
Red Sweater Blog

Sdef Editor
Script Debugger
Cocoa Scripting Guide

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Great Podcast

Scotty, this is very well done. You should be congratulated. In fact, I will do so now. Congratulations. I have listened to other programming podcasts and rather than being a high altitude overview, your podcast actually delivers on the promise of providing in-depth and useful coverage of the topics discussed. You are very good at keeping the discussion on point. I also appreciate the way you pause frequently along the way to summarize, or restate the point at hand in simpler terms. Keep up the great work...

One of the guests mentioned some Cocoa and XCode books which he found useful, but I neglected to jot down the titles and now I forget which episode it was. If you remember, could you send me a note? Otherwise, I will have to listen to all the episodes over again, which wouldn't be a bad thing now that I think on it...

Regards, Rob...

Rob Matos
Groveland, MA USA


If you dont know any C or Objective-C then "Programming in Objective C" by Stephen Kochan is excellent and if your looking for a Cocoa tutorial then "Cocoa: Programming for OS X (2nd Edition)" by Aaron Hellegass is also excellent.

Late Night Cocoa


Thanks Scotty. I am a java programmer with some C and C++ background but have not yet looked into Objective C. I just bought the Hillegass book. I will also acquire the Kochan book on your recommendation.


Last Show

very good

Good Podcast

This was a good episode (like all the rest) of late night cocoa. I learnt so much about scripting. Thanks very much.

sorry scotty

sorry for posting a video

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