Late Night Cocoa (006) : Creating Custom Views With Mark Dalrymple

In this episode we discuss creating cutoms views with Mark Dalrymple of Borkware



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Advanced Mac OS X Programming
Learn Objective-C on the Macintosh

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Excellent content; Overzealous panning

You are getting great voice quality but the panning is still too extreme. Try not to stress out too much about pumping the shows out on a regular date. We will cope. :) Your editing is very tight. That takes a lot of time. Maybe try an episode without being such a perfectionist. :)

Great episode!

Once the stereo issues were worked out, I really enjoyed listening to this episode. You really covered a lot of important ground in a short period of time. Nice work guys.

Daniel Jalkut
Red Sweater Software

Keep going!

Your podcast is a great piece of work. I'm slowly learning ObjC and Cocoa and you provide a huge set of valuable information.

Concerning the voice balance I feel this is great as-is. It makes me feel quite confortable and personnaly I have no particular issue with this.Keep going, this is excellent.

Maybe could you try to provide a minimal set of visual information in form a a PDF just to summary themain points and API exposed during the interview. This could help a lot, especilly when things goes so visual as custom views :-)


Thanks for your comments...The trouble with the panning at 100% on the audio is when people listen with headphones it is quite hard to hear especially in a noisy environment.

The new mix is trying to maintain a conversational effect but with each person only panned 20% to each side to create the appearance of space while leaving each person in both ears.

Late Night Cocoa

Left / Right Audio Balance on Episode 006

Hi Folks

Just returned from a quiet weekend away on Dartmoor (Devon) with the family (No phone signal let alone wireless internet connection) and found your comments. I have done a quick remix and re-uploaded the file. If you gave up listening and want to try again then please re-download it. Sorry wont do it again.

Late Night Cocoa

Stereo problem for headphones

Hey Scotty - I'm really looking forward to listening to this podcast, but I wanted to report a problem that will probably turn off a bunch of people who listen through headphons. The complete left/right panning of you vs. Mark makes it sort of painful to listen to. Would it be too difficult to reprocess the audio such that each of the voice tracks gets L/R audio?

For what it's worth, Cocoa Radio went through the same stumbling block :)

Daniel Jalkut
Red Sweater Software

Audio Mixdown

This week's podcast has the host and guest on opposite audio channels, which is rather hard to listen to. Can you mix down the audio in the podcast, like in previous episodes?


First of all, thank you very much for doing these podcasts -- they are outstanding material!

I just have a suggestion: Even though I have not finished listening to the latest podcast yet, I immediately felt irritated by the new way of balancing your voice full left and the guest's voice full right. I'm not opposed to balancing the voices, but to have them on only one ear each is very irritating (switching to total silence on one ear feels physically stressful) and you cannot listen as well. I suggest setting the balance very subtly, perhaps to 100% on one side and 80% on the other.

Keep up the good work!

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