Late Night Cocoa (005) : Cocoa Text System with Juan Pablo Claude

In this episode we discuss the Cocoa Text System with Juan Pablo Claude of Big Nerd Ranch



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Big Nerd Ranch

Apple Docs
Text System Overview
Text Layout Programming Guide

Leopard Tech Talk
London Tech Talk

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This is a great episode

This is a great episode indeed. At first when I saw "Text System" I thought to myself "Wow, a boring one about NSTextView... Not what I expected after the one about Core Data" :)

However, it proved me wrong and this really opened my eyes - as you said at the end of the interview - and is basically dragging me to dig in further in this complex system. Even I don't need it now, I can at least start to understand a lot of what I see around the Mac - and I'll know where to go to if and when I'll need this sort of complex textual system in my applications. Thanks!


Sample Code?

Can anyone point to a fairly simple example of the 'page view' configuration discussed in the podcast? I'm thinking about theconfiguration with one NSTextStorage and one NSTextLayout with multiple NSTextContainers and NSTextViews, especially if the creation of the containers and views is accomplished dynamically depending on the length of the string.

Sample Code

if you ask this one in the forum then Juan Pablo will see it and maybe point you in the right direction.

New Format


You have done the impossible and found the Holy Grail of technical podcasts. I thought it was impossible to deliver such complex content without video and you proved me wrong. Even though my podcast started earlier, I think your show is getting what I planned to do actually done :)

I only wished that your show was around before I started mine...


[email protected]

Still... Boris...

Don't get discouraged even though this podcast is great. I really believe that your two podcast-styles complement each other, and one is not inherently better than the other. Certain things can be made clear in audio, others are better suited for visuals.

What is really important though is keeping the schedule of the episodes, when you promise dates of these episodes. I fully appreciate that this (Cocoacast) is your free-time thing, but I am getting a little anxious about your podcasting plans, when your episode 15 is pretty much delayed...

Kudos to both of you - you are serving this Cocoa-community very well!


I'm not planning to stop, I just want to encourage Scotty to do his best.
As for being late, you are correct, shame on me :( I need to do better. No excuses should work (like my son being sick, my trip to other city, my partner not being available (scheduling issue), and my Wife's and My birthdays) :) Not trying to find excuses, I need to do better. But I do have two comments:
1. This should be posted on my podcast forum, and not here... I accept the complains, and want to do better...
2. Are you willing to help and make the schedule? Video is harder to produce and audio, so the more help I get the better.

If you willing to help, move the thread to my message board and lets go from there :)

[email protected]

Thanks for a great podcast!

I always learn something new when listening to these podcasts, even though I've been programming Cocoa and before that Nextstep for many years.

I think the new way of getting down to business immediately at the start of the podcast works very well.

These podcasts are awsome!

I just wanted to stop by and give some positive feedback. These podcasts are awesome. They are technical but too much so. Keep up the good work!

Great episode!

Keep up the great work! Every one of your episodes is better than the last.

Thank you so much for filling the gap that CocoaRadio misses with it's non-technical interviews (which are wonderful, but not quite what I'm looking for).

A account

how do you make the mp4 download show up if you tranfer it from one user account no a mac to an outher one
same download of rss mp4 to show as podcast if I use mac drop box of user?

It works fine now thanks

Late night cocoa downloaded fine and was in I tunes store hapens with outher podcast too I dont now why


take me to Itunes store when you click the arrows,
to day it stated to take me to the web of podcast ???
last night it wehnt to Itunes store.
and i did not updat my mac.
I do the updating???

you podcast sod up in my

you podcast sod up in my itunes bu not in the itunes store

Sorry Dont Understand

I dont understand your comment please explain further.

Late ninght cocoa downloaded

Late ninght cocoa downloaded but, did not show in itunes store.
I pressed option comand; buttons and click the triangle on a podcats

I also had a problem with

I also had a problem with the latest episode. When iTunes started downloading it automatically, it was did so at a snails pace and eventually gave up.

Oddly, when I clicked to download again from within iTunes it zipped down nice and quickly.

Hope that helps.


Dative Studios


Thats funny, I guess unless lots of people are having the problem and I can find a pattern I dont stand a chance of being able to much about it........please let me know if you have more toubles.

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