Late Night Cocoa Podcast Episode 1

The first episode of Late Night Cocoa is here.

In this episode we take a high level look at getting started in Cocoa with an interview with Chris Forsythe the project manager for Adium, project lead forGrowl and the co-founder of Saltatory Software


Show Notes can be found here


Love It!

Just finished listening to the first podcast. Great work Scotty! The feed is locked into iTunes and I cannot wait hear the second edition.


Good Job...

Thank you for taking the time necessary to put forth this effort. Community is by far the best way to further development for the Mac platform. I can definitely relate to giving Cocoa a couple of shots without spending enough time to get over the hump, particularly that I make my living as C# developer. But as indicated in this first podcast, Cocoa and Objective-C have a nice elegance to it that many other languages lack. Throw in a free Xcode and top-notch frameworks (CoreImage, CoreData,...) and you end up with a wonderful development platform that is a lot of fun. Now just to figure a way to make a living doing so (

Anyway, good job and I look forward to the next one!

I love this podcast


this podcast was a great idea. I listened too it today and I am eager to here more from you.

I am struggling with Cocoa for some time myself, and found this very encouraging. Since you asked about suggestions: I would like to here something more about XCode. I fear I have a great tool in helping me to get along with Cocoa, but I do not know how to unveil its hidden (at least for me) powers. Maybe there are good tips for this as well.

Best wishes



This is brilliant, I'm a cocoa newbie and cant wait to hear more. Thanks for doing this :)



Excellent work

I, too, enjoyed this very much. And thanks for making it available via iTunes. Looking forward to hearing future episodes.

Keep it coming!

Great podcast. I'm looking forward to listening to the next one!
David Paul Robinson

Thank you very much! I

Thank you very much!
I enjoyed your first episode a lot!
Great show, please keep up the good work.

Thanks for the Podcast

Thanks again for the podcast on moving to Cocoa.

I think this podcast on Cocoa is a great idea, especially getting feedback from current developers. One thing that did resonate with me was the comment on how many frameworks you had to get your head around and how long it took to get your first application up and running. Maybe a roadmap (for your future podcast broadcasts) could be discussed here so experienced Cocoa programmers can help steer novices through this "forest" (thats what is seemed to me when I first started).

If I can make a suggestion for future casts, can you make them around 10-15 mins so the topic can focus on an specific Cocoa, programming technique or framework topic. Any websites or source code examples are always helpful too, especially ones that just focus on a specific topic.

I think a good topic to do in the future would be garbage collection/memory management, this was difficult to understand until I came across the cocoa web site articles (they really helped).

Thanks again for the podcast and good luck with your project.

Great stuff.

I really enjoyed this. Looking forward to the next one.


I can't believe I said model-view-controller. I meant to say master-detail. haha


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