Do We Need a MP3 Feed

I have had one or two people ask me for an MP3 feed as well as the current Enhanced AAC Feed. We are not really making a huge use of the Enhanced format at the moment but hope to in the future.

Still some people (especially windows developers) looking to move to Cocoa development may not be using iTunes and would prefer an MP3 feed. Obviously another feed is more bandwidth so before going ahead I would like to know what people think by voting in the poll.


AAC Okay, but MIME type is wrong

I'm alright with AAC, but please, *please* fix your MIME types. They're listed in the feed as application/octet-stream, but they should be audio/mpeg. I use NetNewsWire, and it needs to know that the enclosures are audio files so it can download them to iTunes as podcasts.

Forgive me if I sound demanding; I just really want to hear your show. :)

both is not necessary.

I don't want to sound like a snob, but this is about Cocoa. That to me includes supporting technologies that are part of the Mac experience. The good points of the current format are all the nifty things that can go on inside it. That is impossible with mp3. If you want to learn Cocoa that means experiencing the Mac as a platform and the things that it offers. It is even part of understanding what kind of experience developers should deliver. Mp3 in this case might be comparable to driving a truck while designing a motorcycle. In addition, mp3 would just be more work to produce.
Another analogy might be CygWin for development Vs a Mac, BSD or Linux .
More storage consumed. More possibility for confusion on the part of the end user.

(did anyone notice this comment textarea uses some fancy DOM scripting with a re-size handle?)

I couldn't had said it

I couldn't had said it better than you did. Get a Mac (mp3 guys) or at least iTunes if you are listening at work (like I do sometimes).

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I don't need it myself

Actually, MP3's are blocked at my workplace, so I'm better off with the AAC version. IT didn't figure out that AAC is an audio feed as well.


Well, it's a great podcast, so why not deliver it so that most people can listen to it? If some potential Cocoa-developers want it in Mp3 they shoult have it, if possible. As for bandwidth I agree with Grady, people wouldn't download both versions I guess.


IMHO AAC'd be sufficient.

More bandwidth?

Seems to me that the bandwidth increase would be negligible at most -- I'm certainly not going to subscribe to both, and I wouldn't think many others would either.

That being said, I personally don't care because everything I have can play AAC.


iTunes is fine

I'm fine with just the iTunes feed. Windows users can go through iTunes as well so why create more work for yourself?



I could not fined a link to the Poll, but I'm for AAC feed only.

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