Late Night Cocoa (003) : Web Services with R. Tyler Ballance

In this episode we take a look at Web Services with R. Tyler Ballance of Bleep Software

The show discusses SOAP , REST ,XML-RPC and offers advice on different strategies that can be used to acces web services of different types from within our Cocoa applications ranging from Web Services Core through to using Mono and the Dumarton Bridge. Parameter passing , custom types , syncrhonous vs asynchronous calls are all also discussed.



Guest Link
Bleep Software

Info Links
Apple Web Services Core Programming Guide
The Mono Project
iPhoto Flickr Export Source Code
Tylers Mono/Dumbarton/Cocoa Example


Nice Podcast! How about XML-Parsing?

Hi! First let me say that your podcast is great!
About this one, I just would like to know how to do the XML-Parsing, after getting XML from a webservice. I'm just starting in Cocoa and I can't find any straight-forward How-to's or simple stuff to create the parser. I'm reading XML Parsing Basics but it's a little confusing, and I haven't started testing code.
If anyone knows some guide or some easy reference I would appreciate the posting :)

Nice one!

Really enjoyable show despite the audio glitches on your end Scotty.
I'm sure you'll get that down pat in due course.

The line-ups for the next few episodes look really interesting.
Thanks for filling a genuine gap in podcasting - I've been looking for Cocoa development oriented podcasts for about a year now and like you was only finding Mac user oriented ones. Keep it up !


Excellent work

Just wanted to say I just finished listening to episode 3 on my bus ride this morning and it was completely engaging. I didn't really notice the audio problems, because the content was so strong. I'd been pondering web services and a Cocoa app for a while, but the documentation was so weak that I thought I was asking the wrong questions.

Good stuff. The first episode was a little weak, but the next two have been pure gold. Thanks so much for doing this.



Another informative podcast which makes the daily commute a lot less arduous.

Like others I'm looking forward to the next one.

I don't know if people are aware of Todd Ditchendorf but he's fairly prolific in producing XML & WS tools for Cocoa etc. @


Rock On

Really enjoying the shows - engaging presentation and lots of useful content. Looking forward to the next episode!

Nice overview of web services under OS X

Tyler and Scotty thanks for sharing. I'm used to working with web services in .net which as mentioned uses a very painless implementation of SOAP. I'm not sure I like web services all that much but they do have their uses. It's nice to know that there's a way to wrap .net code up and use it via a bridge in a cocoa app. Something I'll have to try out sometime.


Another good episode

I did not even noticed the "quality issues" because of great content.

[email protected]

Thank you for a great episode

Scotty, nice new coverart in iTunes! Very appealing!

Great interview

Not much to say, just that I listened to this episode and it's a good overview of web services. I haven't had to do anything with WS - yet - but when I do I'll be listening again to this one.

Graham [a usually more GNUsteppish beasty]

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