A Call For Cocoa Developers

Late Night Cocoa is a new podcast intended to help experienced developers move to Cocoa.

Each episode of the podcast will look to include an experienced cocoa developer sharing his or her
experience in a cetain area of cocoa development. (For Example Cocoa
Bindings, Core Data, Core Animation etc).

So if your an experienced Cocoa developer willing to give an hour of your time for an interview over Skype or iChat to talk on a pre-arranged subject to do with Cocoa Development in which you are knowledgeable and passionate then get in touch.

I am not looking for great presenters just people who have some good knowledge to share and can manage to speak reasonable English.
Remember the podcast is initially intended to help people like me who are experienced developers who are looking to move to cocoa and need
some help getting through the pain barrier. You don't need to be a guru just ahead of people like me.

If you don't think you are up for a full interview how about recording a short developer tip as an mp3 or AAC and sending it in to be played in a tips and trick section.

If you want to get on on episode of have any thoughts contact me on scotty at latenightcocoa.com



where did you get c



It would be nice if we could interview each other. Our podcast have more than a 1000 starting cocoa developers who would love to hear your show.
We can arrange the interview off-line.

Love the show,

Boris Klaydman
[email protected]

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If you use the little icon in the bottom right hand corner that will give you the feed

RSS for blog

You have an RSS feed for the podcasts but not for the blog. Can you make one available for your blog posts as well?


I am doing the same

This is wonderful. Thank you for taking the initiative to do this. I have been developing for over twelve years and am taking time to transfer my skills to Cocoa and Objective-C.

I am listening to your first podcast right now :)


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