Late Night Cocoa (002) : Core Data with Marcus Zarra


Really enjoyed the podcast

I wanted to thank both of you for that wonderful tech talk, I enjoyed it a lot. I really felt that Marcus shared important Core Data experience with us and I am very grateful that he did that for all the Cocoa newbies like me. Scotty, keep up with this great podcast.

I found this very useful.

I found this very useful. I'm on the verge of starting to work with CoreData myself (after far too long) and I really benefited from Marcus's experience. Thanks!

Great podcast

I am a windows programmer eager to learn Cocoa.
I am astonished by the Core Data component.
Thank you for opening my eyes :)


I liked the show a lot too.

I liked the show a lot too. At times it was difficult to follow since there is no screen shown. I do not want to make a shameless plug, so Scotty, feel free to delete it, but we just did a show that had some intro into CoreData at (Episode 11, there some issues with audio and video quality, which are fixed in Episode 12). More episodes to follow.

[email protected]

Very Timely...

I have been considering development of a Core Data app for my personal use, but didn't know if it was really what I was looking for, but your podcast showed me that it is EXACTLY what I'm in need of. I know, terrible grammer (ending with preps, etc.), but I'm terribly impressed with the show. Please keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to going back to episode 1, and forward to episode 3.

Thanks again.


8-second dropout…

…starting at 22:42 on the podcast downloaded via iTunes.

This is an excellent podcast, by the way. I like Cocoa Radio for talking about the business of software, but this podcast is addressing the technical details, and Core Data is a great place to start.

Hi, Is there a problem with


Is there a problem with the feed? I got a duplicate of episode 1 (33m55s) , even though the Description field in iTunes contained the details for Episode 2...

Feed Problems

The feed was posted incorrectly for about 30 minutes before I spotted the mistake.
If you picked up the feed during that time then you would have got the first episode , if you refresh the feed you should get the correct one.....Sorry about that.

Core data tutorial as a screen cast

Great introduction and overview. You did a good job of talking about this without being able to show screens and code.

There is a video tutorial available on the apple site here

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